Saturday, July 23, 2011

GMP & QSR Trainers Must Be More Than Just Subject Matter Experts

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Trainers must be skilled!
  • They must be expert course designers and facilitators
  • They must pay attention to the experiential learning process
  • They must keep students involved, engaged, and energized
It’s a given that GMP & QSR trainers must have mastery over the regulations that they are teaching. Mastering applicable laws, regulations, directives, standards, guidance, and compendia for manufacturing biologics, drugs, dietary supplements, and medical devices is essential for raising your company’s employees and management team compliance competency.

GMP & QSR trainers must also be able to help others expand their knowledge of relevant regulatory requirements, and to help others apply that knowledge in the workplace.

What does that mean?
It means that trainers must have the skills needed to teach others. We often find that trainers, program designers, training supervisors, training managers, and others who conduct GMP or QSR training in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device or dietary supplement industries need help in developing their training skills.
Expert GMP & QSR trainers:
  1. Focus on experiential learning processes
  2. Teach in a facilitation and learning style that’s appropriate to particular regulatory topics
  3. Design and facilitate learning activities
  4. Facilitate meaningful discussions, and create safe environments through the debrief process
  5. Model different teaching strategies
  6. Tell compelling case stories
  7. Keep students involved, engaged, and energized
If you think you or a member of your team needs help in developing training skills, then consider attending this annual course, GMP-QSR Trainer Certification Public Seminar by SkillsPlus International Inc.
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  1. Professional development courses like this can be great, especially for less-seasoned and "accidental" trainers, and for those looking to bring back ideas on how to improve the training experience.

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