Friday, July 22, 2011

Value-Packed - Overcoming the Documentation Nightmare CBT Class by SkillsPlus International Inc.

Our SkillsPlus International Inc. - Overcoming the Documentation Nightmare CBT Class (pdf) is intended to raise compliance awareness, and raise compliance issues for further discussion at your company.

You need this value-packed class!
  • It offers high-quality online instruction from the most respected trainer in the industry
  • You can take this class any time you want, at your own convenience
  • For the quality and price, you can't beat the value of this class
We've designed this online course to make sure students don't get bored. The class includes video taken in a real manufacturing plant, and there are interactive quizzes with a final exam.

This computer-based class offers both depth and breadth in the main topics and sub-topics to make sure that all essential topics get covered:
  1. Introduction - 483 observations related to documentation practices
  2. Documentation Practices - entry, error correction, unacceptable practices, prohibited practices, falsification
  3. Data Handling - rounding
  4. Electronic Records - general requirements, reliability
  5. Electronic Record Access - biometrics, authority checks, access controls
  6. Electronic Record Security - system breach, time-out
  7. Electronic Record Integrity - audit trail, record protection, record integrity
  8. FDA and Documentation - request for documents, record retrieval, retention time
You need to take this value-packed class.

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