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QSR and cGMP Trainer Certification - 2012 Public Seminar - Registration Ends Soon

Updated August 16, 2018


GMP Trainer Awareness, Certification, and Master Trainer Certification Course

This online self-study course leads participants through many different ways to teach cGMPs and QSRs. Learn what a class instructor thinks while delivering a training session to students, so you can repeat that training approach in your own organization. This course is implemented in three phases: Awareness, Certification, and Master Trainer. 

This is NOT a public seminar workshop. Our public seminar was so popular; we turned it into an online self-study course that fits into your busy schedule.

GMP Trainer Awareness, Certification, and Master Trainer Course - a train-the-trainer course for FDA QSR cGMP trainers

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Next week is the registration deadline for the cGMP & QSR Trainer Certification Public Seminar in San Francisco (October 22-26, 2012).

For more information:
cGMP/QSR Trainer Certification Program - A public seminar by SkillsPlus International Inc.:
This is a five-day class in which participants experience many different ways to teach CGMPs and QSRs. Students get to see and learn what the instructor is thinking about during sessions, so that the training approaches can be applied back at the student's company. Students make two presentations demonstrating their skills during the class. This class is also suitable for food and dietary supplement manufacturers.

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