Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Choose Live On-Site Instructor-Led GMP Training - - Benefits

On-site training, taught live by an instructor, is the perfect choice for companies that need to train groups of employees.

The Benefits of Live On-Site Instructor-Led cGMP Training:

You'll . . .
  1. Get a maximum number of employees trained in new skills in a minimal amount of time on the date, and location of your choice. 
  2. Be able to deliver the same customized message & course content at the same time, ensuring everybody gets on the same page. 
  3. Ensure knowledge & skills transfer from classroom to workplace.
  4. Get an expert trainer's insights and hear real-world examples.
  5. Experience face-to-face interaction with real-time feedback.
  6. Get a more comfortable training environment that supports the learning of complex material.
Taking advantage of onsite instructor-led training classes gives you the optimal balance of facilitation, group exercises, case studies, and practical application exercises. Call our master trainer, Allan Dewes, to arrange your next client site class, (954) 873-7422.

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