Thursday, May 22, 2014

Improving Documentation of GMP Procedures - Natural Products Insider

Follow the link below to read Richard Soltero's full article, written for dietary supplement manufacturers.

Improving Documentation of GMP Procedures - Natural Products Insider:

"Here are a few key GMP guidelines that help manufacturers avoid FDA citations and sanctions:
  • Document all procedures in manufacturing operations.
  • Maintain all records for plant and equipment cleaning processes.
  • Mandate techniques for product sampling.
  • Ensure approval by QC personnel for all procedures, tests, controls and deviations.
  • Implement a control process for product labeling.
  • Require QC personnel to provide results of initial or final products.
  • Provide a procedure to follow if documented specifications are not met.
  • Retain all written documentation for at least one year past the shelf life of the product or two years past the dissemination date of the last batch of dietary supplements."
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