Thursday, October 2, 2014

Reports > FDA Strategic Priorities: 2014 - 2018 -

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"This Strategic Priorities document articulates the goals and priorities that guide our Agency. It creates a framework that will allow us to integrate and achieve our five strategic priorities – regulatory science, globalization, safety and quality, smart regulation, and stewardship.

While the priorities are individually important, they are also interconnected and cannot be addressed in isolation. Thus, for example, regulatory science is at the core of everything FDA does and therefore it influences and in turn is affected by any actions taken involving the other priorities. The cross-cutting nature of this plan will help FDA achieve the greatest benefits.

This document also sets forth FDA’s core mission goals and objectives, such as improving and safeguarding access to – and making better informed decisions about – the products FDA regulates. It describes in detail key strategies to help the Agency fulfill its public health mission."

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Download the document:  FDA Strategic Priorities 2014-2018 (pdf)

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