Tuesday, October 20, 2015

GMP Training Tips For Modern Learners

cGMP Training - Free Tips For Training Modern Learners

GMP trainers need to be ready for the students of today.

Here are a few training strategy tips for teaching "modern learners."

  • They've got so much to do, they're pulled in many directions, and they can't pay attention to you - TIP:  Craft topics & course titles that are truly useful and valuable to these students. Design courses that are shorter, concise, and to the point. 
  • They're glued to their devices, constantly pinged & pinging - TIP: Grab and keep their attention through interaction and activities.
  • They absorb information quickly - TIP: Try to share information visually and graphically for better recall.

Need more help? Then call Allan Dewes (principal trainer at SkillsPlus Intl Inc.) because of his:

  1. established track record (working with myriad pharma-biotech clients)
  2. subject matter expertise (cGMPs, QSR, and more)
  3. mastery of the classroom and students

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