Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ready For Drug Pedigree Rules?

I recently attended a conference that included representatives from the European, Asian, and U.S. regulatory agencies. At that meeting there was much discussion around pedigree rules.

Some of the concerns expressed begin with importing drugs and bulk actives (now called active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)). At this level, manufacturers are required to qualify supplies. This means that a manufacturer must actually visit the API manufacturing site to assure themselves, and the public, that the production facility shown to the auditor is the actual site of manufacture, and that there is no "shadow site" where the real work takes place.

Internationally, there are different approaches to the pedigree. In Europe there is exploration with a "book ends" approach. This approach requires the manufacturer to issue the initial pedigree. The next pedigree touchpoint is at the pharmacy when the product is dispensed to the patient. The thinking is that if the product is moving between known distribution channels, then the product is protected. The U.S. requirement is to document every change in ownership. This means that every touchpoint is documented. Yes, regulators in Europe realize that this approach probably provides better assurance of the supply chain. However, they are also concerned about how much work to pass on to the smaller distributors who may not be staffed for this level of documentation.

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