Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An E-learning Black Box Warning: Caution, This Course May Be Hazardous to Your Sanity

I have taken many e-learning courses over many years.

Recently I purchased an e-learning course that really needed to carry a black box warning: Caution this course may be… After purchasing the class I signed in and after some struggling I finally found the first lesson. I clicked the link that said “start.” Well it did, sort of. A PowerPoint slide popped up. Now, I like PowerPoint if done well. However, this slide was full of text so small that I could not read it except by switching to my large screen monitor. There were two paragraphs of text. Now I must admit that I am getting a little older and perhaps the eye glasses need an update. So I waited for something to happen. I waited and waited, until I realized this was it. Read the text baby. So read I did, clicked continued, and finally got to the quiz. While taking the quiz, I wanted to review some content. No, that was not allowed. I responded to the questions the best that I could. If I missed the answer, the only feedback I got was, Incorrect!.

After one lesson I decided that there had to be a better way to learn. I found someone who offered the course in a true online e-learning environment.

Watch tomorrow’s blog to learn how to choose an e-learning provider.

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