Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Designated Representative Training | Education

California requires drug and device wholesalers to retain a CA-licensed pharmacist or Designated Representative, on-site, to conduct their business. The pharmacist or Designated Representative must be physically present during all hours of operation.

Florida requires Designated Representatives working at drug and device wholesalers to be trained in specific Florida pharmacy laws.

Follow this link, to learn more about pharmacy Designated Representative training, on the Designated Representative Institute website

In CA, the pharmacy Designated Representative was formerly called the Exemptee.

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The Designated Representative Institute
CA Designated Representative online web-based training certification by SkillsPlus Intl Inc.
FL Designated Representative online e-Learning exam preparation by SkillsPlus Intl Inc.

The Exemptee Institute
CA HMDR Exemptee online internet-based training certification by SkillsPlus Intl Inc.

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